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The different parts of agave.

Size Heart: 1ft - 6ft

Flowers: 2ft - 20ft

Areas found On plains and hills, also cultivated.
Distribution The Bika islands.
Description Succulent plant with pink/violet flowers.
Seed Description Small, round and black. Mostly produces through clones.
Germination Time 8 days total.
Time till harvest An agave heart can take a decade before it's mature enough to harvest from.
Water requirements Very little, habitable in deserts.
Common diseases Lack of genetic diversity. 
Medicinal Properties Nectar can be used as a soothing balm, and it is used as a filler in other medicinal concoctions. 
Local Uses Brewing.
(WIP by Owlor)

Agave is a perrenial plant with thick fleshy leaves, filled with a sweet nectar. It is harvested by the Bika to make syrup for export, or for Kilicawe and Macawe, two of their indigenous drinks. The heart of an Agave can live for a very long time, the Bika word for "century" is Agave for this reason, and it only blooms once during its lifespan, before it wilts and dies. However, it also sends out runners to make shorter-lived clones that themselves develop into a heart if the link is cut.


Local Usage

Medicinal Usage

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