Male Agnata

A male Agnata

Appearance Cougar-like
Average Height 6'5


Lifespan 80 Years
Facial Appearance Short, feline muzzle, somewhat angular face
Fur/Skin Colour Primarily tan-ish gold, brown.
Bipedal/Feral Looks Bipedal, Plantigrade
Distribution Endran
Place of Origin Endran
Behaviour Calm, rational thinking

The Agnata are a feline race of Planet Nakti and a subrace of the Hatran. They are found in the country of Endran and are now the only race that populates it. Known for their reserved and calm nature, the Agnata are known as a very peaceful race, but some would consider them weak or snobby due to their opposition of violence as a whole and disdain for anyone who partakes in violent action.

Physical Appearance

The Agnata are a fairly tall, lean, bipedal race, being 6'5 feet tall and on average weighing 140 pounds. Their faces resemble that of a cougar, with a short, white muzzle and pointed ears with tufts of fur sticking out. Their eyes are emerald green with pointed pupils. They have humanoid hands with paw pads and their tails are sleek and very flexible and have a bit of fur at the end of them.

Fur color variations range from light brown, to dark brown. The average fur color an Agnata has is a tan-ish gold color.


Agnata are known to have a very calm demeanor and act rationally to different kind of situations. They believe that most conflicts can be solved by either negotiation or peaceful actions. Their behavior spawns from their belief system, where violence is seen as a deplorable act and the only people who perform acts of violence as a way of sport or a first resort to a problem are people who lack good spirits and are filled with darkness. The only time violence is seen as an acceptable act is out of defense, when all other tactics have failed or for hunting, but the animal must be killed with dignity and be blessed.

Sex and Breeding

The sexual behavior of the Agnata is also reserved as well. While they do enjoy sex, they do not believe that it needs to involve exotic positions or fetishes. During sexual intercourse, the main source of pleasure is the emotional and mental bond between the two lovers. Positions are the last thing to worry about.

A female Agnata goes into heat for once a month, every 2 months, for an entire year. When conception has taken place, it will take at least 2 weeks for a female to show signs of pregnancies and exactly 8 months until the baby is delivered.


Main Article: Beliefs of the Agnata

The belief of the Agnata is known as "Keptfir" translating to "gods of all".

The Agnata believe the Universe to be a great and powerful entity, that created all life. Every planet, star, being, plant, was created by the Universe. The Universe spawned 3 factions of gods, each governing different aspects of life itself: the Gods of the Heart, Gods of Emotion, and Gods of Nature.

Notable Agnata

Speaker Laktin Giere: Ruler of Endran, Laktin Giere has been in this appointed position for 30 years. Known for his timid and shy behavior, Laktin has mixed reception from the population of Endran. While many people praise his extensive knowledge of the "Tachmou", "Keptfir", and history of Endran, they do not like the fact that he tends to crumble during tense and stressful situations. Usually, he prays to the Gods of Emotions and takes a long rest to calm himself down. Unfortunately, now that the dawning of the Ruadh'Losh Reclamation War has begun, it has turned Laktin into a nervous wreck, not sure if he wants to have Endran involved or not.

Tanit Meer: A male Agnata from Endran that is a member of the Yajit. Known for his skill in deception and manipulation, he has become a high ranking member of the Yajit, getting rid of the most Delhangite soldiers in very few lies. (Full Article)

Usr Hedan: A well known scholar and founder of the Yajit.

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