(Dates from Abunese Calender)

Al Kazal lived from 1680 to 1800 in Fricaia and was King from 1701 to his death. He was a Skulblake.

Important Dates

He was a really selfish and only saw his own life as King. He maked the Alumbas sklaves in the first few years of his Kingtime. The Alumbas protestated more in his regime than ever before. He also made the five years of death happen. The scariest years in Fricaian History. In 1710 he loses his right wing and couldn't fight anymore. So after this date, he only sit in his throne. Even in more rebellions of the Alumbas, he stays in Erom and let his workers manage that for him.

Al Kazal's Life

He was born 1680 in the royal house in Erom. His father was Ajamanda. He always watches Ajamanda when he decides important things. So Ajamanda gives Al Kazal his first mission when he gets twelve in 1692. It was a mission where he had to achieve money from all small Alumba-villages in Fricaia. The Alumbas started to hate him after that and so Al Kazal evolved in a selfish crownowner when he gets it in 1701 when he was 21 years old. One year after his dad Ajamanda died.

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