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Alumba Young

A young Alumba

Appearance young: brown with interesting ears out of leather
Average Height 2 meters
Weight 30 - 50 kg
Facial Appearance
Skin Colour

young: brown fur

adult: colorful fur

Bipedal/Feral Looks anthro
Distribution mainly Fricaia
Place of Origin Fricaia
Behaviour social, nice host, doesn't meet other species often, small helpers of Skulblakes

The Alumba are the second important species in Fricaia (not including the Larrakeyah). They live together with the Skulblakes and help them in crafting things as Skulblakes help the Alumba with everything revolving around strength or fire.


In young years, the Alumba do have a brown color with black ears. The tail is nearly a half meter long. The full Bodyheight is circa 1 metre. The ears aren't fully developed and flatter in the wind.

Later when Alumba get mature, they get a ceremony named Lorcor Odut which roughly means 'becoming colors'. In this ceremony they dye in a color which they have to the end of their lives.

Alumba Ears

The ears of the Alumba are out of leather. These Leathertiles vibrate softly from soundwaves. So they are really sensitive.

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