Appearance Humanoid, Canid-Like. Ears elogated & lacks a canid's nose; it's more reptilian / horse like in appearance.

Males are bulkier, and legs appear shorter due to a large torso.

Females are generally thin with a slender profile.

Average Height (Male) 6' 2"
Average Height (Female) 5' 10"
Weight (Male) 160 - 170 LB
Weight (Female) 145 - 155 LB
Facial Appearance Males heads are bulkier, with larger muzzles. Female heads are streamlined/angular, smaller muzzles.
Fur/Skin Colour Variety of colors, mainly natural tones + Black & White.
Bipedal/Feral Looks Bipedal, Digitigrade
Distribution WIP
Place of Origin WIP
Behaviour WIP
Dakai Male Sketch Clothing

Male Dakai


Female Dakai ( Character Concept Sketch)

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