The Deti is the Queen and highest ranking military commander of the Krani.


The Krani government to this day is ruled by a single Queen, the Deti. The title dates back to the original Queen, who's full name has been lost but she was known soley as Deti.

The Krani are a matriarchal society, dominated by females in the places of management and rulership. They serve their Deti (Queen), and she has always been female. However, males do have a place among the military but never in commanding roles.

Modern Amendments to Power

Ascension and Naming

If the Deti has daughters, her eldest is promised the throne in the event of her passing.The throne has been passed down by her daughters for hundreds of years, but after the Krani war with Khalau led to the Deti's assassination, the bloodline was broken. It was in that year following the war that a system for choosing the next to ascend to the throne was established. An open tournament, in which physical prowess and strength would be demonstrated publically, in the event of a vacant throne. Any female Krani enlisted in military service can enter, but it is not an easy path secured. Soldiers often succumb to the intense physical feats required and are impaired or even killed. More recently, however, the practice has been modernized. In the event of an aging, heirless Deti, she and her trusted military commanders, will select her successor from the tournament entrants.

The ascension of a Deti to the throne involves her relinquishing her former name and truly, her former life, to live on as an incarnation of the original Deti in both name and spirit. Deti herself was a skilled, ambitious and brave Krani warrior who became ruler after the unification of the 6 Krani states under one banner, and led them to clear the territory of what is now Tet'Hon from Rourd'ken occupation through methods of varying aggression.

Current Deti

The current in power Deti went by the name of Dula before her ascension to the throne in the year 294 at the age of 25. She gained the throne following the death of her mother, Deti Enise, who succumbed to natural causes in the same year as Dula's coronation.

Former Deti

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