Work in progress

Ei Ateria

Appearance TBD, likely a mixture of corvids and parrots
Average Height TBD
Average Weight TBD
Facial Appearance TBD
Feather/Scale Colour TBD
Bipedal/Feral Looks Bipedal, Digitigrade
Distribution Vængknúsa (and maybe Jel)
Place of Origin Vængknúsa
Behaviour Cautious, but inquisitive.
The Ei Ateria are a non-humanoid avian species native to Vængknúsa. They are a prey species, and as such, they generally avoid contact with predatory species.


"Ei Ateria" is Finnish for "not meal".

Genetic Characteristics

Like most birds, the Ei Ateria have wings, with no hands. They use their feet and beaks to manipulate objects, while their wings remain adapted for flight.

They're rather delicate, susceptible to physical damage (hollow bones break easily) as well as toxins. Polluted air (e.g. smoke) can cause serious respiratory issues. They're also highly vulnerable to gram-negative bacteria (found in mammalian body fluids). They also tend to hide their illnesses (natural avian behavior, so the flock won't kick them out).

TODO: picture

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