The Endran Flag

Capital Sayran
Language Zenekan
Inhabitants Agnata, Lamura
Currency Lentos
Form of Government Theocracy

The marshlands of Endran is a country located on the far eastern side of Planet Nakti, bordered by Delhang, Zalakriva, Tet'Hon, Khalau, and the Endranite Ocean.

In the very beginning of Endran, the country was populated by the Ruadh and then centuries later, the Agnata came to live along side them. However, after a violent invasion, most, if not all of the Ruadh have left and the Agnata are now a majority of the population.

Due to the fact that the country is now more populated with the Agnata, who are a very spiritual and religious race, Endran is run under a Theocratic government, lead by Speaker Laktin Giere, who lives in the Great Chapel, located in Sayran.

The Origin of Endran

Before the Agnata came to be on Endran, it was populated by a kingdom of Rourd'ken. Meanwhile, the Krani and Khalau were at war with one another. Unfortunately, even though the Rourd'ken had nothing to do with this war, Endran ended up being the battleground, causing massive collateral damage. The war left the central area of Endran devastated for centuries, leaving it uninhabitable. It would be a long time until new settlements were built there.

(Main article of the war can be found in the "History" section of the Krani page)

Once that time passed, Endran consisted of the Agnata and the Ruadh.The Ruadh were a small faction of Rourd'ken settlling into the northern part of the country, while the Agnata lived in the mainlands. All of them were collectively known as Endranites. Even though separate, the two races had no quarrels with each other.

It was until the invasion of the Delhangites of Delhang, that things started to get to become volatile. The Delhangites invaded Endran to interrogate and push back the Ruadh, in pursuit of the rich siver ore mines that were believed to be hidden nearby and the only people who knew about it were the Ruadh.

The Ruadh however, did not cower to the Delhangites' aggression and kept their mouths shut, but even they knew that they had to have a backup plan. 

The Agnata, finding out what was going on by word of mouth, allowed the Ruadh to stay in their homes so they could hide from the Delhangites or offer them medical aide if they were injured in any way. 

But it was still not enough. The Delhangites ravaged all of Endran to find every Ruadh in hiding. 

The Ruadh had no choice but to be pushed out, knowing they couldn't fight back and also not wanting to put the Agnata in anymore danger. To this day, the Agnata remain the only race in Endran, but still keep ties with the Ruadh by discreet forms of communication.


Endran is run under a Theocratic government, based on the Agnata belief of "Keptfir". The leader of the country is known as the Speaker, who's job is to inform the people of any unbalance the Universe feels is present in Endran or the world of Nakti. Vorsul must never be more prevalent, otherwise, chaos is soon to follow. The Speaker also acts as judge for any trials involving an Agnata influenced by the Vorsul that had performed a devious act. If the accuser has done wrong, they will be forced to go into spiritual rehabilitation until their soul is cleansed. If that is to fail, they will be exiled so that they do not pass on their evil spirits to anyone.

A Speaker is selected by extensive knowledge of the Tachmou and if his or her spirit is filled with significant good will. The Speaker elected keeps this position for the rest of their life or until the Agnata see their spirit is being corrupted by evil.

Currently, the Speaker of Endran is Laktin Giere.

Working alongside the Speaker, are the "Yajit" (Ya--jeet) who's job is to work negotiations with outside countries and keep intruders away from Endran through means of deception and manipulation.


The military of Endran is based solely on defensive tactics. Even though the exception for murder in Keptfir is for defense, Agnata still do not wish to take a life. Soldiers are armed with shields 7 feet high and 4 feet wide, made from wood and steel, along with a sharpened, curved, dagger. They wear leather armor from head to toe, with two sheaths to hold two daggers, one acting as a back up. Soldiers are trained to only incapcitate enemies with the dagger, not to kill. However, if the enemy refuses to stay down, then a slit to the throat is usually the appropriate way to go for eliminating someone.

When it comes to more stationary defense, the Agnata will create controlled fire barriers around the perimeter.


When the Ruadh first lived in Endran alongside the Agnata, their location of their silver ore mines were kept secret. To help establish some kind of currency system in Endran, the Ruadh created stores that produced quick to make silver backed coins called Kentos to represent the value of all the silver ore in their mines. Several stores were spread across Endran, supplying the country with plenty of Kentos for years. It was only until after the invasion, that the stores became incredibly scarce, with very few Ruadh managing them. This has resulted in the production of Kentos decreasing dramatically and putting Endran in economic danger.


The colors of the Endran flag are blue and orange. Blue representing the peaceful nature of Endran but the orange for its tragic and hellish history. Both make the country what it Two symbols from the Agnata religion, Keptfir appear on the flag as well. Irtan: The God of Good Will is on the blue side and Vorsul: The God of Evil Will on the orange side. Vorsul is responsible for all the pain Endran has gone through and Irtan is responsible for keeping the peace.


The official language of Endran, Zenekan, was created by the Agnata and influenced by the Ruadh. Zenekan contains the use of vowels and the rolling of "R's". Some examples include:

"Vrogaben"(V-row--ga--ben): "Hello"

"Gobagras-so"(Go--ba--grass-so): How are you?

"Legi"(Le-gee): "Goodbye"

Fauna and Flora



Involvement in the Ruadh'Losh Reclamation War

While the dawn of the Reclamation War is near, Endran remains in neutral stance of involvement, but the more time passes, the more not being involved becomes less of an option. Endran lies in between the Ruadh and the Delhangites. While the military of Endran can not fare well in a fight, they are specialist at defensive measures and medical aid.

Speaker Laktin Giere has been struggling to figure out what to do. While he awaits answers from the gods, time runs out for him to make a decision. A majority of the Agnata want to be involved in the war, in hopes that it will drive out the Delhangites from their land for good, while a minority don't want any part in the war, not wanting any more fighting to be done on their land.

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