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Rishdel Map2
Capital Erom
Language mut'agol langü
Currency Everyone becomes everything he needs.

No currency inside the country

Form of Government Monarchy before 1801

Two Year long elected Monarchy since 1801


Circumference: ? km
Surface: ? km²
Position: Jel

Fricaia is on Jel.

The morphology is predominantly made by grassy plains, but there are some mountains, forests and oasis.


There are only five real cities in Fricaia. Everything else is just wilderness with a few houses.


The Capital of Fricaia. Streets and Houses are cubic builded and some houses even have a height of more than 5m (which is high for normal houses in Fricaia)


A smaller city near the tree of peace. Just like Erom, but much smaller and they have a great religion, that implements the tree of Peace.


Sylvestria is a small nice city, near the Tree of Harmony. Its completely build out of trees since 1977.


Aloros is a small village in the north-east of Fricaia. It's inhibited by a farmer species.


A small city near the Ayros mountains. Connected with many mines. A big tile of the city is builded inside the mountains.

History (in Abunese Calender time)

Year Event
1570 Start of datelogging
1575 Ajamanda was born
1680 Al Kazal was born
1685 Kiram was born
1692 Al Kazal gets first mission from Ajamanda
1695 Start of the first rebellion of the Alumba
1697 End of the first rebellion, with many losses among the Alumba
1700 Ajamanda dies
1701 Al Kazal becomes new King
1703 Al Kazal makes the Alumba slaves
1704 Start of the five years of death
1705 Kiram tries to help the Alumba
1707 Big fire at the fights
1708 End of the five years of death
1710 Second rebellion of the Alumba, where Al Kazal loses his right wing

Kiram got executed as a punishment for Al Kazal's mutilation

1734 Start of the third rebellion of the Alumba with help of the Raptermus
1737 End of the third rebellion of the Alumbas
1764 Kelam Durdur was born
1779 Al Durin was born
1786 Fenter Grav was born
1800 Death of Al Kazal
1801 Kelam Durdur becomes King

Two year long elected monarchy is created by Kelam Durdur

1803 Aja Aba was born
1805 Kelam Durdur was murdered

First Leaderchosing without King

1806 The first Alumba (Fenter Grav) becomes Leader

Alumba create the Yawe varden alksút

1812 Al Durin (Skulblake) becomes Leader
1814 Fenter Grav becomes Leader again

Many Skulblake do now join the Yawe varden alksút

1818 Al Durin becomes Leader again
1822 The first Raptermus becomes Leader: Aja Aba
1823 Fenter Grav gets sick
1824 Al Durin dies by heart attack
1828 Fenter Grav dies
1830 Aja Aba is no longer Leader

Nearly everyone in Fricaia is now in Yawe varden alksút

1831 Aja aba dies
1975 The Acto vulkano erupts and destroys Sylvestria

Some Fricaiaians leave Yawe varden alksút in cause of the catastroph

1977 Sylvestria gets completely rebuild out of trees
1999 Abun began to talk to Fricaia
2000 Fricaia becomes ally of Abun
2016 Fricaia opens embassy in Enit, Abun
2184 The Owter Finna is finished
2222 Start of a second Abunese-Zonizan war

The first blockade of Owter Finna

2228 Current times

Important People of Fricaia

  • Ajamanda (1575-1700)
  • Species: Skulblake
  • King from ?-1700

Al Kazal (1680 – 1800)

  • Species: Skulblake
  • King from 1701-1800
  • Kills Kiram
  • One-winged from 1710 to death

Kiram (1685 – 1710)

  • Species: Skulblake
  • Tries to help Alumbas in the five years of death
  • Gets killed from Al Kazal for his wing

Kelam Durdur (1764 – 1805)

  • Species: Skulblake
  • King from 1801 - 1805
  • Adopted a two years long elected Monarchy
  • Was murdered by unknowns 

Fenter Grav (1786 – 1828)

  • Species: Alumba
  • Leader from 1806 – 1811 and 1814 – 1817
  • Gets sick in 1823 and dies 1828 because of a mysterious disease
  • Changed the way the world is seen in 1814 when he joined the Yawe varden alksút

Al Durin (1779 – 1824)

  • Species: Skulblake
  • Leader from 1812 – 1813 and 1818 – 1821
  • Died in heart attack

Aja aba (1803 – 1831)

  • Species: Raptermus
  • Leader from 1822 – 1829

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