Rishdelian Main Plants

Image from left to right:

Delert pfol, Delikoto pfol, Súndavar pfol, Bulier pfol, Aíkúa pfol

Delert pfol Delikoto pfol Súndavar pfol Bulier pfol Aíkúa pfol
max Age up to 7 years up to 20 years up to 5 years up to 1000 years up to 10 years
Size mainly 0,5m³ height: 2m

width and length: max 1m, mainly 0,4m

height: 1,5m

width and length: max 1,2m, mainly 0,5m

normal height: 40m

width up to 10m

normal size: 2m³

in water up to


Appearence everywhere in Fricaia everywhere in Fricaia everywhere in Fricaia rare in all areas except the horizontal line of Sylvestria near water landscapes
Usage very nutritious the fruits are very tasty the fruits are poisinous the strings (leaves) are very useful for building the leaves contain large waterrecources

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