Ineth'Morr (By Charrio)

Morr at age 22, with Fen on his shoulder.

Alias(es) The Winged Ruadh
Affiliation Ruadh'Losh.
Gender Male.
Race Rourd'Ken.
Age 22
Status Alive, in Enit.

Ineth'Morr (EE-neth Mohr) is a young Ruadh man, serving as the state's ambassador to Abun, Nysdra, Kol, and other surrounding nations of the eastern continent. He is a skilled cartographer and a shrewd negotiator, and is currently living at the Ruadh embassy in Enit.

Young Life

Morr was raised within a small high altitude village, a nameless village as many of the Ruadh settlements were, by his mother. His father had been an older man, easily having 30 years age over his mother, who lived his life as an armorer smith. He passed on before Morr was born, at the age of around 70.

From a young age he studied with the scribes, educating himself in what little Ruadh history has survived their persecution and the customs of various external nations. He never pursued romantic engagements, choosing to devote himself to his studies instead.

Negotiation History

  • Assisted in finalizing plans for future trade routes from the Ruadh to the Kalss via Endran.
  • Exchanged Ruadh silver for military support from Abun.
  • Received liquid funding from Zoniza.
  • In exchange for a small claim over the Ruadh silver mines in northern Endran, the Endranite have agreed to shelter Ruadh citizens from battle, as well as provide a small battalion of expert healers.



Affiliation N/A
Gender Female.
Race Ranhon.
Age 4
Status Alive, in Enit.

At age 17 Morr departed from his village on hoof, alone save for a small gift he received from his mother; A gorgeous, orphaned female Ranhon which he named Fen. She was considered a runt, too small to be trained as a Courier. Throughout his travels, Fen has stayed a very close companion to Morr. Her behavior around him is quite affectionate, (one could even say she's taken Morr as a love interest). She will accompany him on non-formal business within the embassy and on public trips to the Enit market district; Often avoiding flying or walking by resting herself on the Ruadh's shoulders, back, head, or arm. Their tendency to travel together had given Morr the nickname of "The Winged Ruadh", due to the fact that Fen's large, elegant wings often being mistaken for belonging to him at first to strangers.

She often catches the eyes of both Enit's adults and children, though it takes her a while to warm up to strangers. She buries her face into Morr's chest more often then not, however it's easier to win her trust with a small bit of honey. However, honey is such a commodity in Enit, that Morr is believed to spend a large fraction of his earnings just on feeding and caring for her. 

She is a highly intelligent creature, like all Ranhon. Her personality can be described as sassy. She loves to cuddle with Morr, though admittedly as she grows it becomes more of a task. Fen is also quite an expressive creature;

  • She often becomes jealous when she smells unfamiliar people on Morr, especially other females. Her wings ruffle, she lowers her head and extends her long tongue when she is flustered as such.
  • In the event of Fen being hungry, or otherwise needy, she will nuzzle close and give little headbutts against Morr. Though she can't make any audible vocalizations, she certainly would be whining here if she could.
  • When she is embarrassed/shy, it's common for her to hide her face either into her own fur, or Morr's if he is nearby.
  • If Fen is threatened, her wings will be outstretched in an effort to make herself appear larger, flapping rather aggressively.
  • When angered, her wings tuck back flush to her abdomen. If this happens, watch out! She's going to attempt to ram by quickly flapping her wings in a burst of speed.

Given Morr's occupation, it is common for him to meet with various members of the Abunese highlife, such as the royal court and other bourgeoisie. This has an interesting effect on Fen. Ranhon pheromones are a common, but expensive, perfume base to the Abunese. Given that many of those Morr meets with are wealthy, the scents of their perfume often pick up on his clothing and fur, persisting with just enough trace amounts for a Ranhon's enhanced sense of smell to detect. Fen takes this signal in a jealous manner, assuming another of her species has "claimed" Morr.

While Fen's presence attracts generally positive attention in Enit, their relationship can be seen as "Childish" or "Pointless" to some, especially those who utilize the Ranhon as nothing more than food or silk production, such as Zoniza. Additionally, certain... Unsavory allegations have been brought up about their relation being less family appropriate than it seems. Morr has not commented on such claims, however given the importance of Ranhon in Ruadh culture it is not a surprise he's neglected to potentially paint his people like that. That said, the anatomy of an adult Ranhon would very much allow for such relations, and Fen's apparent acceptance of Morr as her mate only adds more fuel to the rumor. Ranhon are very intelligent creatures.

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