Work in progress
The Kalss
Capital Isle of Kol
Language W.I.P.
Current Year
Currency Metal coated seashells, known to them as Kaso
Form of Government Monarchy
Race Rourd'ken

The Kalss are a race of cervine creatures that live in the Endranite Ocean of Planet Nakti.They are genetically similar to the Ruadh'Losh of the Delhang highlands.

Their empire originated on the island of Kol but has since spread among the abandoned islands of the sea.

(WIP by Shep)

Brief Overview

The Kalss's oceanic location has forced them among the years to develop their ship building techniques beyond what any other nation of Nakti can achieve. Their naval prowess is unmatched, both in combat technique and the technical makeup of their ships. As such, very few nations throughout history have attempted to march to war against their mostly peaceful nation.

The Kalss mostly live in simple sand and palm huts, mostly due to the fact that they can be easily rebuilt following intense tropical storms. Their diet revolves around various kinds of seafood, as it is clearly in abundance, as well as some tropical fruits and grains.

History with the Ruadh'Losh

Long before the age of today, before the age of the Barefoot Queen Kaliendra, there lived several great kingdoms; The Ramashani, the Deldrans, the southern kingdoms, and a race whose name has been lost to the spirits for millennia. This unclear race is perhaps one of the most peculiar cases of ancient history, as no matter how many tombs of them are discovered from the shores of Endran to the mountain peaks of Zalakriva, their names are lost, as if intentionally destroyed.

What is know about this empire is that they were cervine in appearance, with much genetic variation between one another such as tusks and antlers. Excavated burial tombs have uncovered their appearance similarities to both the Ruadh of the highlands and the Kalss of the seas.

The Kalss speak of a great storm, in the long olden times, that separated them from the mainland in a clash of sea and land. The shores of what is now Endran are still scared with the remnants of this great storm, and it along with some other factors are believed to be the cause of collapse for this cervine race that now live on in the Ruadh and the Kalss.

For more information and speculation on the races of the Ruadh and the Kalss, see Rourd'ken.

Religion and Death

The Kalss believe their Gods dwell within the sea, and eventually with death everyone will live with them. Their pantheon is approximately 20-50 Gods strong (they do not speak of their faith to outsiders much). They see every thing that washes ashore as a message or a gift from the Gods, as much of their towns are adorned or even constructed with such materials as lumber from vessels long since sunk, driftwood, or smashed pottery.

When a Kalss dies, they are given a ceremonious burial at sea. The loved ones celebrate the life lived, and they carry with them the belief that whenever they are on the water, their lost is there steer the currents in their favor.


Naval supremacy has kept the Kalss safe from invasion for most of their history. Occasionally, they will have small skirmishes with isolated island tribes but they will back off if it is not worth the bloodshed on either side. Military service is optional and open to both genders after the Kalss in question hits puberty.

Daily Life

The average Kalss can serve the kingdom as a craftsman, a merchant, a fisherman, or some other such job. Dancing is a common way of cultural expression for the Kalss, as is jewelry making. In the old times, it wasn't uncommon for the Kalss to be in open trading relations with the Ruadh, but due to the Ruadh prosecution of now such relations have been put on hold.

A Kalss can decorate themselves with various simple wood and shell jewelry, charms, and piercings. Dyeing of furs is also a popular activity for men and women alike, ranging from simple bands to luxurious full body works of art.

The Kalss tend to wear various sashes and simple leather wrappings. The females and males alike rarely wear any sort of garments on the chest.


The Kalss believe that sex is an important way for couples to bond, and encourage it to be a daily activity. The age of consent for young men and women is puberty. Though prostitution is not common, it is not an act to be frowned upon by them. Homosexuality as well, though not a common act, is accepted by most. Most love making is dominated by the woman, employing some unorthodox positions of pleasure for the both of them. Harems devoted to the men and women of the Kalss court are also a common practice, though the royal couple rarely participates.

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