Kareppu is a self-supporting fishing village, floating around in open seas. Constructed by the Nikiltan tribe.


A group of highly ranked Nikiltan scrollkeepers , obsessed with the life of common fishermen, decided to have their go at improving this lifestyle. Their idea was to build a city from the shore onto the water, so people could fish from the comfort of their own porch. They did so, creating a floating city, which drifted off during the first proper storm. They had put all of their resources into making the actual city sturdy, and neglected to actually attach it to the mainland in any decent manner.


The city is composed of circular wooden sections, made of wooden housing and  a central patch of dirt. This dirt is used to grow vegetables and the likes. It's a jerry-rigged bunch of scraps, pretty much.

There's the central district, with eight districts around it, each  with approximately eight houses. Every side has docking capabilities for other boats. 

The whole city is surrounded by a nest-like barrier of twigs and ends of rope and whatnot, to cushion any direct hit from mainland or island, with obvious holes in it so boats can properly access the city. 

Notable citizens

Kara'i'u'p'o the Mispronounced, original architect and envisioner of the city.

Mareppu the Alchemist, works hard to ensure the water supply is up to standards.


The city was of no particular importance to anyone beside the stubborn settlers on board, and no help was offered. Suffering through hunger and thirst, eventually enough of them starved for the resources to be plentiful again. With enough potable water and a teensy bit of cannibalism, the remaining quarter of citizens managed to hold out.

70 years later, the first offspring of the original settlers are raising their own children. Visitors are more than welcome, as the town produces a little amount of tradable goods. 

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