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Laos lazul
Size WIP
Areas found In temperate climate.
Distribution WIP
Description Small flowers with a lot of color variation.
Seed Description White, round.
Germination Time WIP
Time till harvest WIP
Water requirements Moderate
Common diseases WIP
Medicinal Properties Anti-depressive properties.
Local Uses Decoration, part of medicinal infusions.

Lazul is aperennial plant known for its large color variation and speckled petals. It mainly grows in temperate regions, but some variants have spread to tropical climate, where they grow in coastal regions.

Pure, single-color variants are rare and highly valued. It is something gardeners try to cultivate, applying intuitive and poorly understood notions of artificial selection.

Apart from its decorative value, it is also used in a herbal concoction used as a mild mood-alterer to cure melancholia.

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