The Lorcor Odut is a ceremony from the Alumba in Fricaia, where they get the dye that will carry for their entire life.

The ceremony is performed once per year, in the coldest full moon night. It's a very important event for the little Alumba children, as it signs their passage into adulthood: the elder Alumba chose the colors for each new Alumba adult. The ritual is performed in every Fricaian city, being one of the most important events of the year.

The Procedure

First, each young Alumba gets into a hollow where the water mixed color is filled in. The color is always white at the beginning. Each Alumba lays in its own hollow and the elder Alumbas of the city come to the hollows with small bowls, filled with dye. After the words:

Sé Mor'ranr ono finna

The elders fill the dyes in the hollows and repeat those words again.

After that, the young ones are forbidden to speak and left alone for the whole night in their hollows. At the next day. They are officially adult and can now leave the hollows. The color has been sucked in in the fur over night and the fur is now so colored like the dye poured in the hollow.

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