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Losh'Eona's crappy cloak and circlet sketch emporium

Losh'Eona's cloak, sash, skirt, and flaming circlet.

Losh'Eona is the holy Queen of the Spirit Plane in the Ruadh'Losh religious lore. She is manifested as a beautiful Ranhon anthromorph, and represents every stage of a Ruadh's life from conception to the afterlife. She is the mother of all Ranhon, and her children are considered the only spirits that can freely exist within both planes of existence.

The Losh wears a simple but deeply colored cobalt cloak, a bronze and wood sigil, a simple skirt, and an orange/blue sash. She is rarely, if ever, represented with her bosom covered. Her "crown" is a brilliant silver circlet adorned with three gems. The first two are a pair of crossing almond shaped stones, which represent good and bad spirits, and the sun and moon. The mounting of these stones forms a small but radiant fire, symbolic of the life force that is present when the good and bad is balanced within one's soul. The lower, triangular stone setting is her portal to the world of Nakti, where she observes her children and subjects in their time of life, and attempts to guide them all safely best she can from her throne.

The Losh is also nearly always seen with two young anthropomorphic Ranhon, one with a notable lighter and more virginal, unscathed body and the other with a darker and slightly more ragged complexion. These twins represent life and death, and are children of Losh'Eona as all Ranhon are. She feeds both of them from her bare breasts, and with her life force, they both remain strong and healthy, though still young and could not exist without her help. Eona and the twins are the only three Ranhon blessed with her anthromorphic form.

Interestingly, it is believed that while she is a powerful ruler, the Losh as an almost playful personality with her subjects. She enjoys speaking to them, hearing the stories of their lives in their own words as they come to live among the spirits, as well as telling stories others have passed to her in the past, and helping lost souls find their loved ones. While it is not possible for her to manifest on Nakti, it is believed that her children (the Ranhon) will carry out such actions for her among the souls of the living.

Ruadh'Losh is a name that means "Ruadh of the Queen". The reason for this name is an interesting one; it goes to the Ranhon, or as they are called in Ruadh tongue, Oson'Vor. The Oson'Vor are believed to be holy messengers from the spirit plane, sent by the dead to watch over and protect those still living. The Oson'Vor however, are their own entity that watch over the spirit world. Their Queen is a beautiful, anthromorphic one of their species by the name of Losh'Eona, and all Ruadh live their lives in service of her.

(Extremely WIP by Shep)

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