M'rafiq Asalani is an explorer who recorded several important events throughout Nakti in his journals.

Not much is known of Asalani himself, only that he had a taste for adventure (considering the places he has been to) a knack for linguistics, and an intuitive feel for what would still be important hundreds of years from now (or just lucky, that is up for debate). He never talked about his own culture, only giving away that he was a furred, apparently feline individual,


His aptly titled 'Travelling Records', numbers 1 through 30, have been found scattered across Nakti. A couple have been found exceptionally informative and were copied multiple times. A few numbers, however, have yet to be recovered. 

  • Travelling Records I: Lost to time.
  • Travelling Records II: Lost to time.
  • Travelling Records III: Lost to time.
  • Travelling Records IV: M'rafiq follows a brave band of adventurers into the Land of Dread. After losing part of their crew to the dangers of the Dread, they're taught some basic survival skills by an Esemseru patrol. Asalani ends up leaving his companions, taking a break from travelling in the Masqutu capital Tingar.
  • Travelling Records V: Heading out again, with Masqutu alchemists this time, M'rafiq ends up meeting the Banbirru shortly before heading off to Kimjanu to recover a bunch of stolen scrolls from the Nikiltu. This journal contains a number of recipes, and many copies have been made by the Masqutu.


Asalani was the first of his race to meet many others,  earning himself a permanent spot in the memories and folklore of many tribes.

Navarchus_Zepto (talk) 17:37, May 19, 2015 (UTC)

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