Mut'agol langü is the language, spoken in Fricaia. It was completely developed through the sounds, that Skulblakes can perform easily with their mouthes.

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mut'agol langü


totos a lot
fra against
Vindr air
alcul alcohol
stärkel amplifier
un and
pfelba apple
Shirtof apple
Älkug application
likord arrow
of at
aptr backwards
Haina bad things
caut'ek because
dirdok bell
Fethrblaka bird
blafk black
Kniffir blade
Nagz blanket
bluf blue
okup book
Inäro border
woba bow
märt'ugol brave
jierda theirra Kalfis! Break them the shin bones!
rab bunny
tabr but
ding'erson button
Talos cactus
jubil celebration; party
ul closed
lak cold
lorcor color
net'klork computer
musek concert
Ertav contract
Copprä'tuc Copplestone
dlaf country
re'crat creative
schurkdür criminal
Dautr daughter
sat day
Kveykva dazzling light
Vor Dear…
Súndavar death
Usälf deficit
Wydra destiny
ment'dik diamonds
Draumr dream
Draumr kópa Dreamsight
umf dumb
Dvergar dwarf
Deloi earth
Älfa-kona elf
exifog emergency exit
gischlel england
gischlerf english
allr everyone
baen expression of deep sorrow
Breoal family
Brisingr fire
fisk fish
rapter fly
Rakr fog
kevre food
Wiol for
Wiol ono for you
Welden forest
Fram! forward!
Fricai friend
abr from
adelf from where
löl funny
Fuf Fur
Fyrnum Fuf Furwarrior
Grind gate
allemgak german
Allemga Germany
Waíse heill get heathy
Kuldr gold
Hek Goodbye
mut'agol graceful
Zar'roc grief
Deloi ground
Varden Guardian
Hirasch hair
Lam hand
heill healthy
Hük hello
adir here
ai hey!
Hul hi
hokul holy
Falkúg horse
suah'lu house
nen how
aminakan human
Eka I
oditog idiot
impför important
ak in
on in
suah'lu aminakan inhabitant
tönt ink
ter'acú interest
ter'acól interesting
netläf internet
Skölir nosu fra Brisingr! Isolate us from the fire!
sköliro isolated
tap durck keyboard
lngik killed
Könungr king
langü language
lure law
messan letter
Garjzla light
Garjzla light
Garjzla letta Light, go out!
Loivissa lily
monos little
truftan lost
Gülai luck
ooms odwig marsh wood
Ebrithil master
totos impför repson mayor
tauthr me
partlö'kek member
Manin memory
kwerku'lo money
kwerku money
Ordemük monster
ooms moss
Fell mountain
muse music
iet my
pömnuria my (official)
naktü Naktians
Namar name
Alksút nature conservation
tén'ut nice
nat night
nok no
ledor noble
okf off
okn on
lám once
urnol only
fuar open
krimskra other
ledor Harkün Alkarin Owner of Sylvestria
Harkün Owner, Master, Ruler
finna peace
repson person
rof pipe
Expart piston
Ristvak'baen Place of grief
durck plate
oseft pleasant
pus please
Domia power
scherkgur present
Dröttningu princess
Gefram prison
maela quiet
Elda really respectful form of address
platschäl record
raudhr red
sted'ór red stone
larw rule
Skul scale
Freohr shadow
hvass sharp
Kalfis shin bone; tibia
kópa sight
Slytha sleep
dor so
Thorta du Ilumeo! Speak the truth!
Böllr sphere
fisk tönt squid
cekats stack
Evarínya stars
stocka sticks
Stenr stone
derköp stubborn
uckg'zúg sugar
uckg'zug rof sugarcanes
Sverdar sword; blade
Du The
Yawe The band of trust
Skulblake The main species in Rishdel
Eldunarí the soulstone
retreacruf theater
theirra them
ador there
Haldthin thornapple
ceptarer to accept
nies to be
trürlek to behave
malthinae to bind; to tie
jierda to break
istalri to burn
kodthr to catch
Thverr to come through sth.
varden to defend
turdes to do sth.
duga to duck
varda to ensure; to protect
risek'on to enter
ethgrí to evoke sth.
iet to follow
kifl'ük to fuck; to mate
nurvert to get on sb's nerves
waíse to get; to become
nebeg to give
Nángoröth to glow
letta to go out
Thverr gánga to go through sth.
gánga to go; go!
bahgu to have
hórna to hear; to listen
celöbra to honour
skölir to isolate
beftog to keep
lik to kill
Atra to let
naina to light up
transför to pay
tap to press
rїsa to rise
fram to run
hlaupa to run
sjon to see
Datia to sigh
gala to sing
lunaea to smooth out sth
thorta to speak
thrysta to stab
catcer to steal
kniftuc to stink
letta to stop; hold on
ufküä to survive
tark'ü to take
thaefathan to thicken
Moi to transform
vakna to wake up
blake to wave sth; to wedel; to waft
krom to work
owter tower
torf Town
hof'uk trainstation
Brof tree
Ilumeo truth
mérba video projector
lettvio violet; purple
klärw wall
Fyrn war
wur warm
Fyrnum warrior
Aíkúa water
Adurna water
likomen welcome
adof where
seizer white
Wirtorso winter
jubil Wirtorso winter celebration
Seithr witch
odwig wood
Ortdûr Word
ak yes
ono you
Sé Mor'ranr ono finna You should find peace
onr your

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