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Navarchus Zepto

Navarchus Zepto is a bard travelling along with a group of Basu traders. Of both Nikiltan and Esemseran origin, he chose the adventurous life on the road instead of either of those two pursuits.


Born under a middle class couple of a Nikiltan Scrollkeepster and an Esemseran border scout, Zepto had a fairly pleasant childhood. His father's straightforward, no-nonsense attitude left its mark on the young lad, who felt less at home in the Nikiltan society than he would've liked to. Like many Nikiltan youths, he decided to head out and see the world, not necessarily to ever come back. The next time Basu traders were in town, he headed out to join them, leaving home with but a few possessions: his mother's rare ruby Perception Stones, his father's old iron chainmail vest and enough money to last him a while. 

He hasn't died yet since. 

The Ageless Tinfer

Zepto plays on a custom iron Tinfer's blade, with a simple  but intact sword  stuck into it, kept in place by the string tension instead of the usual rivets. It is barely decorated, aside from the highly polished, reflective surface, which is quite useful to communicate with traders on large distances.The six strings are average catgut cord It produces mellow, metallic tunes, depending on where the strings are struck.

The blade itself is of no particularly important smith, and hasn't been involved in any killings as tradition would have it. Built by the contemporary Esemseran craftsman Palasu, The Ageless Tinfer was intended to be more of a conceptual piece of art, a creative attempt that Navarchus was thusly able to pick up for a rather cheap price. Had it been crafted the traditional way, it's value would have increased greatly. 

The instrument is quite resistant to damage, but too heavy to be practical as a weapon. It has yet to break in any way.


Through his years with his Basu companions, Navarchus became a rather skilled bard. He often plays together with his friends, coming up with many distinct tunes on his Basan Tinfer's Blade.

Trade Routes in the Sand

Trade routes in the Sand
A large part of the Basu life is travelling around from market to market. Navarchus composed this during their travels in the Dread's deserts.

The Basu Market

Basu market
The Basu Marketplaces are lively and full of song, music and harmony, to entice more customers and have a generally fun time. Their stringed instruments are a rare sight for many tribes, and many are glad to stay around until they've heard every song. Market tunes are slightly upbeat, either contemplative or happy, but always calming.

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