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Appearance WIP
Average Height WIP
Weight WIP
Facial Appearance
Skin Colour WIP
Bipedal/Feral Looks Bipedal, Plantigrade
Distribution Mainly Geumsog
Place of Origin Geumsog
Behaviour WIP
(WIP by MonoDragon)

The Psurgans, are a race native to Geumsog whose culture is heavily influenced by metal and blacksmithing. They centre their belief system around an ancient iron rich meteor that landed on the island thousands of years ago.


Psurgans are a hybrid race mixing the characteristics of parrots and sharks. As such they are amphibious, capable of living in sea water due to their gills and land due to their well developed lungs. Most of their bodies are based on sharks but they have bird feet, hands, plumage and tiny vestigial wings. Like sharks they have rough sandpaper-like skin.

Social Classes

Social standing is based heavily in the skills one has in the art of Blacksmithing.

Merchant/Farmer Class: Those in this class can change positions in the social ladder based entirely on their financial success.

Lower Class: Made up of failed blacksmiths and those in financial troubles. Tools made by blacksmiths of this class are overall unremarkable and poor due to being unable to learn more advanced techniques.

Middle Class: Made up of fair blacksmiths and those who are financially stable. Tools made by blacksmiths of this class are fairly high in quality, easily besting any standard tools made by those of other countries.

Upper Class: Made up of highly experienced blacksmiths and the highly successful. Tools made by the blacksmiths of this class are incredibly well made, able to hold up to almost any level of wear and tear with minimal damage. One cannot simply buy the tools of this class, one must perform difficult quests for them.


The art of forging is considered a great honour so naturally whole families take part in the craft with their own personal techniques and recipes. Said techniques and recipes are secrets and families compete with one another trying to create better tools and making names for themselves on the commercial market.

Students from non-blacksmithing families and foreign lands are uncommon but experts will take them under their (vestigial) wings if proper favours are completed.

Though the origin of the technique have been lost to time, the greatest of the smiths among the Psurgans have passed down a holy technique of using the iron from the meteor and the naturally occurring graphite in the area to forge a crude form of steel.

Notable Psurgans


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