Naktian rpg table3

This is a template page for anyone to use in the creation of their race as an RPG ready player race. Be sure to link back to the Race's main page for more information. To copy over this template, enter the classic editor and go to the source tag, copy the contents. Then create a new page, enter the classic editor, copy in the source code.


Race name
AS increase x
Age x
Size x
Speed x
Alignment x
Languages x

Here you give a concise, engaging description of your race. Keep it snappy and short, no blocks of text. Perhaps add a short quote that's relevant. You have the main page to expand on your info, this page is just for RPG references and does not need anything else but the basics. Keep it simple. 

Give extra information about the things in the table there if need be. 


A list of examples, as well as an explanation where they came from and how they're formed.


Here you may list all the features your race innately possess. Be sure to link to the appropriate entry on the page. If certain features are acquired in some other way, be sure to clarify so.