A Ruadh war, funded and supported by Abun and several other nations, to reclaim their homelands from Delhang. The war began about 80 years following the initial persecution by the Delhang.


The Ruadh were not always backed into highlands as they are now. They used to live in much of what is now Delhang and Endran, peacefully integrated into the societies of those living there. However, following repeated bullying and aggression from the nation of Delhang, the peaceful Ruadh soon found themselves blind sided and violently chased from their lands by them, as Delhang was in pursuit of the rich silver veins the Ruadh had settled near formed a basis of their entire economy and artistic culture. Their numbers were too thin, they had no chance in the war. Though no matter how many of them fell, were interrogated or imprisoned, the locations of the silver mines were never disclosed. The Ruadh live adopted to be rather more xenophobic, they would flee and all but evade detection from the Delhangite for nearly a century.

Foreign Aide

"I trust in the great army we have amassed, but... If we fail it could mean the end for us, the Delhangite will not stop at our mines, no... That's why your people are so pivotal in all this, I suppose." -Ineth'Morr
The Delhangite, being a thorn in the side of much of the region, have also attracted negative attention from the Khalau and the ZonizansZoniza has promised financial support to the Ruadh as it would be a chance to eliminate a competitor. Ironically, the Zonizans are participating in a proxy war along side one of their greatest historical enemies, the Abunese.

The Ruadh have limited but peaceful relations with Endran and Tet'Hon, as well as the Kalss and more recently the Abunese. Historically, relations between the Ruadh and the Abunese have never been considered healthy, dating back to the Estwara of year 346 in which a Ruadh led tribe laid siege to Enit. However, through the shrewd negotiations of Ineth'Morr, a deal was struck in Enit; the Ruadh received a bolstered force of Abunese soldiers in exchange for a small sliver of their silver ore deposits and technological exchanges.

In addition, negotiations with the Endrani have granted asylum for the Ruadh civilians and additional medical aide for their warriors, as well as permission for northern Endran to serve as a staging area for ground forces to freely move east-to-west, and keep the Delhangite from escaping through the southern border. The Endranite, a normally peaceful, violence abhorring people, have reasoned that it is crucial for the Ruadh to reclaim their Silver mines. The reason for this is that the Endranite currency is backed by Ruadh silver, and the ever dwindling supply of silver is risking a huge economic crash that would, without a doubt, be terrible many of the nations of Nakti as Endran is a very crucial trade hub.

The Krani of Tet'Hon have chosen to not involve themselves in this conflict in large numbers, only sending a few battalions worth of battle sisters, however the non-combatant Lamura have formally decreed their economic support for the Ruadh efforts, as they hold to the belief that the Ruadh securing a foothold would only allow them outward expansion, thus, generating more goods for sale and more need for imports and spreading more wealth to the areas. As well, as forging economic ties. They understand the war will be an expensive undertaking, but believe the investment of resources and soldiers will be well worth the outcome.

The Veskari, whose have an isolated society so well nestled in the Takatoriv mountains that their very existence is questioned, reportedly have been sought for military assistance as the war began to turn against the Ruadh's favor. Following an undisclosed mountain path, Ineth'Morr and two Ruadh escorts have found their way to gates of Krivalat, bringing news of the battle and history of the Delhangite aggression.


The Delhangite now find themselves backed into a two front war, and find themselves without allies. The Ruadh have a long history of brilliant military tactics and magnificent archer battalions. The formulated plan is for the Khalau to back the Delhangite towards the highlands, up against a wall more or less, then the Ruadh and Abunese would close the gap and decapitate the bulk of the Delhangite defense force. With their forces cut off, the Ruadh would call for the Delhangite to surrender their lands, threatening the unmerciful execution of the trapped Delhangite forces.

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