Appearance Short, scaly
Average Height 5'5
Weight 110lbs
Facial Appearance Scaly, angular
Fur/Skin Colour Blue=Men

Orange= Female

Bipedal/Feral Looks Bipedal
Distribution Random islands across the oceans of Nakti
Place of Origin Unknown
Behaviour Territorial only when provoked

The Singhorns are a mysterious group of creatures found on unmarked islands scattered across the oceans of Nakti. Their name derives from the fact that their head contains one singular horn forming at the back of their skull. While not the most sophisticated of names, its better than the names given by the natives of the Nakti, such as "Spiny Head". The Singhorns are seen as animals or savages to rest of the world, but they have very unique traits that prove otherwise.

Physical Appearance

The Singhorns are relatively short, bipedal creatures, being 5'5 feet tall and weighing in at 110 pounds. They are very slender width wise, but do have a small, plump belly. Their tails are sleek and limp. They have 4 toes on each foot and 5 fingers on each hand.

The skin of a Singhorn is scaley and rough and is blue for males, orange for females. The head consists of their elongated muzzle, similar to that of the velociraptors found on Earth. Behind their head is a long, curved back horn, that is the same color as the rest of their skin. The pupils of their sharp, pointed eyes are pitch black and their teeth are sharp and strong. The tongue of a Singhorn is incredibly thin, no thicker than the average Human index finger.



A Singhorn screeching as a warning to all trespassers.

The behavior of the Singhorns is very complex. While they are calm and collected in solitude and isolation on the islands they inhabit, they are extremely violent and hostile towards newcomers who they think pose a threat, which is why proper research on them has been close to impossible. They will screech at high frequencies as a warning and if that is not heeded, will immediately retrieve their weaponry, which consists of spears made out of stick and sharpened stone and a small shield constructed from carved stone. 

Singhorns cannot speak any languauge found on the Planet Nakti. Any attempt to teach them simple words of any language, has been met with poor results.

The mating of Singhorns remains a mystery, although some researchers have spotted male Singhorns running back and forth in front of the females for long periods of time. Some hypothesize males do this to show off their stamina so that the females can decide who could "last" the longest during sexual activity. The actual sexual activity of Singhorns, has yet to be documented.

Unique Traits

-The Singhorns have strong taste buds, able to detect poisons in any food they consume, but only if they have previously come across that poison before.


-Some like to call the Singhorns, animals, but by their bipedal movement and ability to craft weapons and small huts made out of dirt and mud, they are far from complete animals.

Singhorn hands

The hand of a Singhorn

-Naktians talk about hearing the Singhorns screech into the night, but that is not actually true. The Singhorns only screech at those volumes when intruders are near, so its possible that during the night, research teams may have been sent out.

-Despite many fear mongerers saying so, Singhorns show no desire to enter the mainlands of Nakti. They appear perfectly fine on their small islands.

-Singhorns are rumored to use their claws to rip creatures apart, but due to the fact that they rely on their weapons most of the time to defend themselves, the rumor may be false. However, they may use their claws in desperate situations if weapons are not available.

-They grow fur during the colder seasons. This is extremely unlikely, due to their scaly and rough skin. Being able to grow fur from that, only during the cold seasons, is absurd at best.

-Perhaps the most rumored aspect of the Singhorns is where they come from. Some believe they are descendants of the the tribes found in The Land of Dread that have not fully evolved. Others believe more radical things, such as believing they are demons sent to haunt Nakti and warn of its impending doom. Whatever the case, they have yet to be classified under a certain race or species and probably never will be.

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