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Appearance furred belly and scaled rest of the body; fan at the back of the head; wings
Average Height 2,5 meters
Weight 60 - 90 kilogramm
Facial Appearance
Skin Colour Green or Brown Scales
Bipedal/Feral Looks semi-anthro
Distribution mainly Fricaia
Place of Origin Fricaia
Behaviour social, nice host, doesn't meet other species often.

The Skulblake is a reptile Naktian species. It lives mainly in Fricaia. It doesn't work much together with other species but when it meets some, it doesn't get aggressive and is a really nice host. This species can spit fire out of his mouth.


The Skulblake is near 3m tall, has scales and a fan at the back of the head. A mouth with teeth in the bottom jaw and a small hole on the top of the head. The fan can be put up to scare enemies away. It can stand up on two legs or stay on four legs. The Front Claws have 4 fingers with claws.

The Fire

Skulblakes can spit fire. The fire originates with a gas that develops in the stomach of the Skulblake. This gas originates from the stomach with gastric acid. This gas is pumped into the mouth and by rubbing tongue on certain scales in the upper jaw, it gets lighted. The Skulblake breathes out and spits fire.

The needed scales in the upper jaw aren't ready by birth, so young Skulblakes can't spit fire.

The excessive gas is letted out through the hole on the head top to prevent often burping.


The Skulblake mostly have sexual intercourses for fun not for reproduction. It doesn't matter for them if the partner is male or female. They have sex with everything they want. But it isn't an important thing for them. They like cuddling more.

The breasts of the female Skulblakes are hidden in the fur and the penis of the males, too. When the Skulblake have sex with other species, they only do it for fun. It's really rare that skulblakes fall in love. So they don't have partners for life. They just live together with their best friends and have the most sex and cuddling with them.

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