Country Fricaia
Owner ledor Harkün Alkarin
Language Mut'agol langü
Inhibitants Skulblake, Alumba, Raspermus


Sylvestria is a small nice city, near the Tree of Peace. It's inhibitated by Skulblake. Its well nown, for its buildingstyle. It's completely builded in trees and plants, so it matches perfectly in the forest. A part of the city is build directly in the Tree of Peace. The Tree of Peaces gives shadow to the city on the ground in the hotter days on Nakti.

The Tree of Peace

The Tree of Peace grows directly between Sylvestria and Acton but is officially a part of Sylvestria. The branches are the ground where the city stands on. Branch-Stairs make the way to the top possible. There are 4 giant Branches where small houses stand on. The Tree is 110m high.

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