In the beginning, there was a great sphere that lay dormant in the center of a dark void. It was until one faithful day, that the sphere emitted a great light,illuminating all of the dark void. Within this great light, held the essence of life itself. It had spread to many corners of the void, the darkness soon disappearing. These new creations of life were known as planets and the great sphere supported all of them and continues to do so to this day.

We call this great sphere, the Universe.

We, the Agnata, live on a planet called Nakti, born on the country of Endran. The Universe was so kind to our primitive race as well as the other races that inhabited this planet, that It gave us the greatest oceans, the tallest mountains, the richest soil, and the juiciest fruits.

We were very grateful.

The Universe did not leave us alone however. With It's great gifts, It also gave us gods: Powerful beings that governed our way of life. Three factions of gods were created:

The Gods of the Heart who represent our people's spirit.

The Gods of Emotion who represent our people's feelings

The Gods of Nature who controlled the weather found on Endran and Nakti as a whole.

These gods control who we are as Agnata. Our way of life is dependent on them.

We are nothing without our gods. We are nothing without the almighty Universe.

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