We were born without morality. Without knowing right and wrong. We craved guidance. The Universe gave us that guidance.

It was on the tenth day of our creation, that the Universe created another essence of life that formed two powerful beings. One was given the name Irtan, the other Vorsul. The Universe gave the two beings one task. They were to descend to Nakti and treat us Agnata below how they saw fit. Irtan and Vorsul did not know the meaning of good and evil. 

The Universe however, did knowing the meaning of good and evil and would award the one who performed good deeds. It would test Irtan and Vorsul for a month’s time.

On that same tenth day, the clouds in the sky parted and two spheres of light came from the heavens and landed on the soil of Nakti. The spheres formed into figures of an average Agnata, but their bodies had an intense glow to it, which made it hard for us to make out their actual appearance. 

One of them spoke in a deep, thunderous voice, “I am Irtan, sent from the great Universe.”

The other spoke, also having a deep, thunderous voice, “I am Vorsul, sent from the great Universe.”

Irtan helped us in our time of need. Found fresh fruits for us, built homes for us, provided us with knowledge, healed us when hurt. When we would thank him, he would not reply in a way one would expect. Instead, he would say:

“I am what I am born to be. I do what pleases me.” 

Vorsul would give us grief. He would hurt us, steal from us, and deceive us. We would curse him, questioning his deeds, begging him to explain why he would treat us so. He would respond the same way as Irtan:

“I am what I am born to be. I do what pleases me.”

On the fortieth day, the clouds parted once more. The Universe was ready to give judgment. Irtan and Vorsul were taken from Nakti and into the heavens where they were now face to face with the Universe. It explained to Irtan, that what he did for us was good and that good deeds are always rewarded, in one way or another. 

Irtan refused the award. The pleasure he got from doing what he did, was enough for him. The Universe was most pleased with this response, wanting us to be just like him. Irtan was made eternal and his spirit was now a part of our hearts.

When it came time for Vorsul’s judgement, the Universe did not reward him. It told Vorsul that his deeds were evil and that no other being should act the way he does. Vorsul scoffed at the Universe, saying that he was only who he was born to be. 

Alas, he did not understand. Both him and Vorsul were born with no knowledge of good and evil. They were to act how they wanted to act. Irtan was good to us out of the willingness of his heart but he was never born good. Vorsul treated us badly out of the willingness of his heart but he was never born evil. Vorsul could have followed Irtan’s example, but instead acted his own way.

Vorsul was made eternal but his spirit was only in some of our hearts. Even though the Universe did not want us to be like Vorsul, It also wanted to test us. How would we, influenced by the spirit of Irtan, treat another who was influenced by the spirit of Vorsul?

Our actions towards an Agnata influenced by Vorsul, would truly show if Irtan was really a part of our hearts…

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