The sky of Endran was without personality; pale blue and cloudless, with no magnificent light. No howls of the wind, No cold, white crystals, No droplets of water falling from the sky.

The Universe decided that it was time for Endran to have the gift of weather. It created two gods: Orina and Raden.

Orina made her presence known by lighting up the sky with her radiance. She created sunlight that would shine down upon Endran and made the skies a vibrant blue. For a week’s time, we enjoyed her power.

It was until the next week, Raden made his appearance known. The sky was shrouded in dark clouds and Orina’s light was blocked. She tried with all her might to shine through the clouds, but it was to no avail. The ground shook as a loud rumble came from the sky and bolts of light shot down onto the ground, nothing like the light of Orina. They only lasted seconds and would be fatal to anyone struck by them. We built shelters to protect ourselves from Raden’s rage for a week’s time.

Then after that week was done, Orina finally shined through Raden’s clouds and pushed him away, but the next week Raden would come back. Every week, it was a power struggle between who would dominate the sky.

The Universe was most unpleased with this. It was hoping Orina and Raden would find out how to share the skies and create harmony. The Universe convinced the two gods to make a compromise so that peace could be made.

Orina and Raden agreed on the compromise, Raden letting her shine light onto Endran most of the time. Orina let him have his share of the sky every so often.

The two gods began to share fondness of each other after making peace and soon became one. Once they mated, they had 3 offspring:

The sky had a soft howl when the first child was born, cool breeze blowing the leaves on the ground and rustling the trees. This child had the gift of wind and she would be known as Soh.

Droplets of water came down from the sky once the second child was born. The water came down at a steady pace, moistening the grounds of Endran. Sometimes it would come down at a heavier, faster rate. This child had the gift of rain and he would be known as Sul.

Cold, white crystals came down from the sky when the third child was born. The crystals hit the ground and coated it in a white, sparkling blanket. This child had the gift of snow and he would be known as Somund.

Each god had their time to distribute their gift onto Endran but sometimes Raden’s rage would get the best of him, causing more storms to occur. The children were the only gods capable of calming him down, but every time one of them tried to intervene, it would end up causing harsher storms.

Whenever Soh struggled with Raden, it would cause wind storms. With Sol, heavy downpour, overflowing rivers and causing flooding. With Somund, harsh and long-lasting blizzards.

Despite this, there was always balance in some form or another. The weather of Endran depends solely on them. It is beyond our control, for not even prayer can convince them to do otherwise. We receive their gifts when they feel it is appropriate. All we can do, is accept it.

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