Tanit Meer

Alias(es) N/A
Affiliation Yajit
Gender Male
Race Agnata
Age 21
Status Alive, in Endran

Tanit Meer is a male Agnata from Endran that is a member of the Yajit. Known for his skill in deception and manipulation, he has become a high ranking member of the Yajit, getting rid of the most Delhangite soldiers in very few lies. However, it doesn't make him entirely respected, as his tactics of dispersing enemies always leads to their death, breaking the rule of:

"Never deceive with the intent to harm the enemy, only to confuse"

Early Life

During his childhood, Meer was very mischievous, pulling pranks on all of his friends in the settlement he lived in. The pranks themselves were always harmless, but still pretty irritating. When asked to stop by his parents, due to the fact that the charade was getting old, young Meer obeyed. Unfortunately, boredom from not being able to pull pranks spawned more entertaining ways to have fun.

In his adolescent years, Meer started growing a curiosity for starting rumors, strangely fascinated by the many stories of Hirese, God of Deception. Of course, he never wanted to perform the lies in the stories, as those were way too bad for even him to try doing. Instead, he went on a less volatile route, starting rumors about his male friends wearing women's undergarments or how someone's mother liked to eat slugs during her spare time. Those rumors were of course, really juvenile and easily dis-proven.

It was when Meer turned 17, the rumors he spread were becoming more hurtful to the people around him. Rumors about couples cheating on each other, people stealing from one another, abandoning their families. For a while, this caused his settlement to go into disarray, everyone distrusting each other.

It was until one day, when all the rumors started by Meer ended up coming back to him and everything began to make sense. It wasn't long until everyone turned on him. Even his own mother publicly chastised him, promising she would take him to Sayran herself and have him spiritually cleansed at the Great Chapel.

One of the people listening to this lecture, happened to be a member of the Yajit. He was highly intrigued how one Agnata could cause such confusion so easily and not get caught for so long. Before the lecture ended, he stepped in, telling the mother that he'd take Meer with him to the Great Chapel, as he was planning to go there anyway to discuss business with the Speaker.

Of course, this was a lie.

Meer, reluctant to go with the man, was forced by his mother and father to go. The rest of the people from the settlement wanted him gone too. Packing up his things, Meer went along with the man, leaving his settlement.

During the trip there, the man questioned Meer as to why he started lying in the first place. Meer's response to the man was simply that he wanted to be different, break the mold of all Agnata being honest and truthful, see what it was like to be on the other side of the coin. The man could understand this reasoning, Meer being a teenager and still finding out how the world works, but nevertheless, the man still lectured him on why such things are never okay to do, regardless of curiosity.

Soon after that lecture though, the man explained to Meer how he was impressed at long he kept up such lies. Meer, a little puzzled as to why the man would be impressed by it, after he lectured him about it, remained silent. The man continued on to say that the only reason he lectured Meer about his lies, was because they were being used on the wrong people. Only a few miles away from Sayran, the man explained to Meer, that he is a member of the Yajit, going over what the group is and their goals, explaining that they use deception as a means of helping people and use it on those who wish others harm. While Meer still needed cleansing for his bad deed, the man also felt Meer could take that skill in manipulation and use it for a better cause.

Unfortunately, Meer was not at the right age to really start training, but the man found a way around this. During his rehabilitation, Meer was instructed to not participate, but spectate the training that every Yajit member must go through, to see if this was something he wanted to do with his life.

After a month of rehabilitation, Meer was allowed to go back home, but the man approached him with one final question before he left. He asked if Meer wanted to join the Yajit. If yes, he would be allowed to stay in the guest room of the man's home, provided he did chores around the house and be allowed to spectate more training until he was of age to participate. If no, he could go back to his settlement.

While Meer was fascinated and intrigued by the process of becoming a Yajit, he also found it very intimidating, On the other hand, if Meer were to go back, chances are it would be hard to rekindle trust after what he did and his future at his settlement would be a lot more cloudy. At least if he joined the Yajit, he'd have a new home in the capital with new opportunities on what he'd want to do with his life, a fresh start. With a handshake and a nod, Meer agreed to joining the Yajit, sending a letter home to his parents about his choice. He was never written back.

Career History

First Stage

Once Meer was able to join the Yajit and start training, one day he noticed two members becoming unsure of themselves, not knowing if what they'd say would really deter a couple of Delhangite soldiers causing trouble on the outskirts of the capital. Apparently, they ran out of new things to say, even with The Web. Overhearing this conversation, Meer asked if there was anyway he could help. Not knowing what else to do, the two members simply asked if he had any new ways of getting rid of them.

Even though he had be cleansed, Meer's mischievous mind was still at work.

One afternoon, the soldiers were drinking ale by a campfire they had side up, far from the walls of Sayran. Meer, spying on the two carefully from a bush, noticed that both of them were becoming more and more drunk as time went on. When one of them went to go relieve themselves, Meer came out of the bushes and approached the soldier as if he were on his way to the capital. In a drunken stupor, the soldier immediately became slightly aggressive, getting in Meer's face, questioning why he was walking so close to him.

With a calm sigh and a smile, Meer reassured that he was not a threat and was simply on his way home after picking some berries. Slighty reluctant to believe him, the solider let him by anyway. Before leaving however, Meer told the soldier that he also chatted with his friend at the campfire.

When the solider asked what his friend said, Meer replied, "That fool won't know what hit him after I drink all his ale and he'd be too drunk to know."

Incredibly too out of it to think straight, the soldier charged at his friend at the campfire, repeatedly punching him in the face, shouting, "No one takes my drink!" The soldier took out his knife and finished his friend off by shoving it into his throat. Proud of himself, the soldier snatched his friend's half filled bottle and chugged it down, beginning to wobble, losing his balance. Only a second later, the soldier fell into the fire, the ale falling into the flames, causing the fire to roar and engulf his body. In minutes the soldier burned to death.

Shocked, disturbed, and oddly proud of himself, Meer saw the whole thing unfurl, his mouth a gape the whole time, not even knowing it would go to the lengths it did. He felt it would simply lead to a fistfight where'd they both knock each other out.

When returning back to the two members, Meer said that he did take care of the soldiers, except this time, they were permanently, not an issue. Once he explained it and showed the damage done, Meer was questioned for what he did, but not entirely reprimanded, seeing as how he never planned for the soldiers to die. From that moment and for a few months, Meer kept to doing things by the book and never trying anything mischievous again.

Second Stage

It was until about a year later, word of the Ruadh'Losh Reclamation War was becoming big talk around Endran and more Delhangite soldiers were showing up, just to intimidate and cause trouble. Many times, the average deception done by the Yajit worked, but it was only temporary, as the same ones or even more different ones, would show up.

Meer was getting fed up by it, wanting the Delhangite to be gone for good and realizing that deterring them was not enough. They needed to go, permanently. He know he'd be breaking the rules of doing what he was going to do, but it had to be done.

One day, a group of 20 soldiers were found blocking an alternate path to a settlement. Meer volunteered to handle the situation, approaching the group and telling them of a great plant out in the woods, would help them become stronger, smarter and have much more endurance in both battle and in bed. Meer told that him he knew the general and that he was simply a messenger passing on that information. When question as to how he knew, Meer luckily did enough research on who was invading Endran and said the name of the general with such confidence and charm, that the soldiers ended up following Meer's directions to the great plants.

Little did they know, that that plant was actually Blood Wake and by the time some had grabbed it and consumed it so they could immediately feel the effects of it, the rest did it as well. It didn't take long for the mushroom to kill all the soldiers from the inside out.

Another act was when Meer told a large group of Delhangite soldiers of secret Ruadh silver ore treasure chests, at random islands in the sea of Nakti, pretending to be a snitch. They sailed out to sea, not knowing that on some of those islands, were some very irritable Singhorns. The ships never came back to Endran.

Many times, Meer deceived like this and many times he was criticized for it, breaking one of the rules of the Yajit. Meer's only argument, was that even though he was killing soldiers though his deceit, it was getting rid of way more of them than the old ways of deceiving were. Even though upset at his rule breaking, they could not deny that he spoke the truth. Much of his what he had done, had caused an overall decrease in Delhangite activity. While Meer was praised for that, he garnered little respect for his radical ways, but they could not avoid that fact, that his ways of doing things, gave results. Slowly, members have started to adapt to Meer's deceitful tactics


Meer is now a high ranking Yajit member, praised for getting rid of the most Delhangites in a year. Unfortunately, have been snaking their way into Endran, the Ruadh'Losh Reclamation War on the brink of beginning. He has been appointed to meet with Ambassador Ineth'Morr to discuss tactics on how to get rid of the invading force and win the war.


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