Capital Zahkim (Historically Krani Capital), Theod (Secondary Capital)
Language Mixed
Current Year 305 (Tet'Hon calender)
Inhabitants Krani and the Lamura
Currency Lamuran Rouce
Form of Government Militant Junta

Tet'Hon is the home of the militaristic Krani and the plutocratic Lamura.

This mutual symbiosis gives the Lamura access to a large amount of capital and better security over there assets, and the Krani warriors access to better military technologies through trade. The reasoning behind this is so the Lamura can be sure any major outcome of a rash decision can be rectified, or at least prepared for, before it hits. Additionally, the people of both races see more positive effects on their daily life including an overall wealthier populous and more access to goods and services from previously exotic nations.


Civilized Inhabitants

The nation of Tet'Hon is shared between the Krani and the Lamura, with no real boundries between their lands except the old Lamuran city state of Theod being

Formation (Tet'Hon Doctrine)

The nation was formed by the penning and ratification of the Tet'Hon Doctrine, a Lamuran document. The Tet'Hon Doctrine set the precedent of government for a new nation. The nation combined the Lamuran city state of Theod with the Krani empire and destined the old Krani capital Zahkim as the new capital of Tet'Hon. It also made the Lamura the sole economic force of Tet'Hon, having command over the all trade in and out of the new nation as well as direct advisement to the Deti (Queen) of the Krani. The Krani in return promised military support and defense over all the Lamuran assets, including their trade routes, as well as their citizens.

The reason for the document was that the Krani government's aggression had dug them into a hole of national debt their people were suffering in poverty. The Lamura are brilliant merchants and investors, and after the ratification quickly repaired the failing government. The two races have lived together year 1983CE, (following the Abunese calendar). The document dictates that the Lamura control the entirety of Krani coifers, handling all expenses and foreign capital aide, as well as investments to further prosper their peoples. In exchange, the Krani military is responsible for the protection of all Lamura settlements and trade routes branching to and from Tet'Hon.


Officially, the Krani government rules the lands outside of the Lamura capital but nearly every decision they make is intensely scrutinized by the Lamura leadership, by means council of advisers to the Deti. The Deti is the most supreme military commander of the Krani, and she historically commands and overseas all military actions. Since the ratification of the Tet'Hon doctrine, the Lamura have established a panel of advisers for her in all economic and scientific effects for her actions. Thankfully, this Deti is less headstrong then more historical ones, and is willing to consider alternate methods to battle. This often upsets older military commanders of the Krani, but they will obey her commands.


The Lamura themselves operate the Tet'Hon economy; handling all internal and external trade, allocating for resource production, budgeting, and investment. The Krani have historically shown they are not at all adapt at handling money in a responsible way, at least, not to the Lamuran liking. With the Krani economy failing, the Lamuran drafted the Tet'Hon doctrine, in which they offered to not only stabilize the Krani economy but make it thrive. In the time since it's ratification, both of their peoples have seen an increased quality of life from new trade. And with the Krani protecting the trade routes in and out of the lands, the Lamuran see very little lost profit margin. It's a win-win-win.


The Krani are the dominant military power to the east of Endran. Their might is vast, as military service is mandatory for all young adults and highly encouraged to be continued after their terms.

Natural Resources

Fauna and Flora

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