The Cult of the Effaced was a small scale religion that sprung up in the Nikiltu Tribe of the Land of Dread. It is currently one of the few religious practices outlawed by the Scrollkeepers.


It is uncertain how this cult came into existence. All that is known, is that around 490 NCE, an unnamed elderly Nikiltan discussed spirituality with a travelling Hashhaltu. The official Scrollkeeper explanation has it that this conversation was muddled by mistranslations and poor communication, and that the old man had a troubled mind in the first place; in either case, the nikiltan got insight into forbidden knowledge, and founded a cult to honour it.

He had been granted contact with the Effaced, a mythical being from before Aeruvartix's time. This entity wanted nothing more than to be forgotten by mortal men, so that it'd have no more ties to the material world.

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