Work in progress

The Meduse

Diameter 15 Meters
Tentacle length 30 Meters
Markings Beautiful colors and long tentacles

(also they're floating .-.)

Life span up to 200 years

The Meduse is a huge flying creature, which floats over the big rainforests in the north of Nysdra. Its outer shape is similar to jellyfishes on Earth except the habitat and a few other details. It has a diameter of up to 15 meters and its tentacles can reach up to 30 meters in length. The species has an average life span of up to 200 years.

The meduse is a beautiful passive animal, which feeds oneself with little mammals and sometimes even Naktians if they don't pay enough attention to the long tentacles.

The Meduse's leather-like skin shines in beautiful red, orange and yellow colors, although it's easily damaged.

The tentacles, which can reach a length of 30 meters, are acid and cripple the caught animals before they are digested, which produces enough methane gas to keep the Medusa floating in air. They can't move by themselves, they rather let themselves dive in the wind catching everything which comes too near to their tentacles.

The Na'ring are taught from their first year of living, that the Meduses are--despite their elegance and colors--one of the most dangerous creatures in the forest.

The Meduse has a mechanism to throw off single tentacles, if they tangle up in the trees or other obstacles. Also the species doesn't have a recognizable mouth. They pull up the prey for digesting and expel it from the same spot.

The acid in the tentacles is just anesthetic and the few Na'ring which came in contact with them got paralyzed but recovered after a few minutes. The Meduse is not able to eat bigger animals because of their weight. If an animal is too heavy, the Meduse throws off the tentacle and continues searching for smaller and lighter food.

Through the increased weight, when pulling up prey, the Meduse has to use a mechanism very similar to octopuses to expel air and keep floating.

The Meduse are an asexual species. They can reproduce themselves without the "help" of the other sex. As soon as they reach about 80-100 years, they start to shape bulges on their skin, which form out to small Meduses, which are still connected with tentacles to the bigger one. The parent one. The young Meduses stay connected to the parent one until they reach the same size and then cut off the connection and float away as individual animals.

It is unknown at the moment how the genetic diversity is kept up, due to their clone-like reproduction.

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