A short introduction

The Yawe Varden Alksút is the official religion of Fricaia. Its main message is that everything living is created by Nature, which is the supreme principle every living being, animal or vegetal, incarnates. The religion is worshipped by nearly all the Fricaian, who firmly believe in it and is one of the reasons behind the union of the three races that inhabit the country, the Alumba, the Skulblake and the Raptermus.


It was mainly created in year 1806 (of the Abunese calendar) as source of peace in Fricaia. First mainly used by Alumba. Later, beginning in 1814 the Skulblake joined too. First in smaller parts, then more of them and in 1830 nearly everyone in Fricaia followed this religion.

In 1975 when the great Acto volcano erupted. Many Fricaian, mainly from Sylvestria, left the Yawe Varden Alksút because they no longer believed in the security given by nature. After that, in 1977 the Great Elder Jongal Larwer recreated Yawe Varden Alksút with the additional philosophy to respect the oldest and some other additions.

In the same time Sylvestria got rebuild out of the trees and gets the new main city of the religion in Fricaia. After a few needed Years, in 1983 every Skulblake and Raptermus was back in Religion.

Important Speeches

Fenter Gravs Speech of Peace (1814, translated)

"Dear 'Fricaian! And I mean all 'Fricaian. Not just the Skulblakes. Also the Alumbas and our smaller winged friends.

I do not want to say that the Alumbas time has come. Our time has come. The Time of a whole Country has come. Brothers. Sisters. Believe in the Power of Nature that has created everyone of you.
This is Life. I believe in Nature. The power, the Silence of the leaves.
Everything that is important for us. And that is nearly everything.
The Yawe Varden Alksút showed me the path. The way to a new Life. A better life. You. My Sons and daughters. You make me happy, because we are one. One nation that believes in each other. So, with that, I present myself as a follower of the principle of Yawe Varden Alksút!"

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