The Yajit (Ya--jeet) are a party of the Endranite Government that are tasked with defending the country from potential dangers, by means of deception and manipulation.


During the invasion of the Delhangites, many Agnata wanted to help the Ruadh by letting them hid in their homes. There were many instances where the Delhangites interrogated multiple Agnata to find out if their were any refugees hiding in their homes. Not wanting to lie, as that would mean being influenced by Hirese, God of Deception, many gave in and revealed the hiding spots of the Ruadh, wanting to be in good graces with Irtan, God of Good Will. But, even though they felt good for not lying, they also felt an enormous amount of guilt, seeing the Ruadh being taken away and never seen again. 

One day, a Delhangite soldier knocked on the door of an Agnata scholar by the name of Usr Hedan, who was housing a Ruadh family; husband, wife, and two kids. When the soldier interrogated Hedan, he couldn't bring himself to out the family's hiding spot. So, nearly seconds before the soldier was about to lose his patience, Hedan formed the lie that another soldier had already checked his home earlier that day and that there was no one here but him. Reluctant to believe him, the soldier checked the entire house, but wasn't thorough enough to find the family. The soldier left the home a little while later.

When the coast was clear, the father of the family approached Hedan, giving his gratitude. While Hedan replied to the husband's thanks, telling him he'd always make sure his family was okay, he also had an inner struggle in his mind. He had lied, something that would only be caused by the influence of Hirese but had protected the family, a good dead, worthy of Irtan.

Later that night, after hours of intense thought, Hedan came to the conclusion that his lie did not mean he was influenced by Hirese. In the Tachmou, Hirese influenced the Agnata to lie for the goal of destroying lives, relationships. In this case, the lie Hedan told the soldier, actually ended up saving a whole family. Delighted and relieved by this realization, he spread the word of what he did to others in his settlement, encouraging others to lie to the Delhangite soldiers if they try to find any Ruadh living in their homes. At first, people were reluctant, but once he explained his reasoning, it all started to make sense and word of this practice spread not only in the settlement, but to every other settlement in the country that was housing Ruadh.

For awhile, this way of doing things was working wonders. Every Agnata would make up new kinds of lies to deter the Delhangites from searching their homes. It also helped that the soldiers weren't that bright to begin with.

Unfortunately, they started to wise up, realizing some Agnata would make up the same story. This lead to the soldiers revisiting all of the homes they went to, in force, and ransacking every space of the house to find Ruadh hiding spots. Due to all the lies falling apart, the Ruadh were captured anyway and forced out of Endran.

Many years later, after most, if not all the Ruadh were pushed out and the Theocratic government of Endran was established and the first Speaker was in power, Usr Hedan thought about what had take place during the invasion. How the lies were a clever, but flawed strategy and that if they had been perfected, could have kept the Delhangites from finding the Ruadh. He formulated an idea of a group of skilled liars, who's sole purpose would be to deter enemies from invading the country and harming innocents so that nothing like what happened with the Ruadh, happens again.

He traveled to Sayran and met up with the Speaker at the Great Chapel, discussing his idea in great length and detail, reassuring that the lies performed by this group, would be used to help people and not be used for nefarious deeds. Accepting of Hedan's proposal, the Speaker agreed to begin funding the group and Hedan would being to prepare special training measures and seek out those willing to participate.

Once a fair amount of Agnata decided to join the cause and go through the necessary training procedures, the Speaker made them and official party of the Endranite government and gave them the title of "Yajit" translating to "Deceivers".

Training and Protocol

To join the Yajit, you must be 20 years of age, as that is the official age of adulthood in Agnata culture. The Agnata and the Lamura are allowed to join, as they are inhabitants of Endran, but ever since the Yajit started, it has only been full of Agnata members.

The rules of the Yajit are:

-Deception is only to be used towards the enemy, no one else.

-Never decieve with the intent to harm the enemy, only to confuse

Before training, new members must perform an oath that sums up the Yajit's rules that all members must follow:

In joining the Yajit

I do swear

that my deceit

are for protection of my country.

Never will I

by any means

use my deceit,

towards family, friends, and allies

lest I be influenced by Hirese

and shame myself in front of the great Irtan.

I shall deter those who wish to harm

the ones that deserve peace and love

thus making a better Endran, a better Nakti.

This, I swear.

Once the oath is taken 3 times, the training begins.

Members of the Yajit go through 3 sections of training

Language: Members must learn a multitude of different languages as well as the gestures that go along with it to adapt to any race they have to lie to, primarily the Delhangites, as they prove the biggest threat to Endran.

Mannerisms: When lying, most people have slight mannerisms that give themselves away, such as scratching the back of their head, holding their arms, their eyes darting, etc. The Yajit are trained to control those mannerisms and keep calm when it comes to lying to a potential threat

Speech: Yajit are trained to have a clear, audible voice and show the utmost confidence when it comes to speaking.

The job of a Yajit is to deter enemies away from the country and civilians. Usually the tactics of their lying include giving Delhangites the wrong directions to areas that they might travel to find any remaining Ruadh and currently, keep them away from the secret trade routes between the Ruadh and Endran. The intent of their lies is to cause confusion, Recently however, they've formulated their lies in more manipulative ways, such as starting rumors that may start a conflict between Delhangite soldiers or  giving them direction to places that may surely lead to serious injury or their demise.

The contributor to this new form of lying is Tanit Meer , a high ranking Yajit member who has been getting mixed reception due to the fact that his way of lying breaks the rules of the party, but does seem to be getting the job done of pushing away the Delhangites, except in a more...permanent manner

The Yajit also do not wear special type of clothing. They simply wear what every other Agnata wears. How they distinguish themselves is by a mark they paint onto their forearm which is the Hirese symbol crossed with the Irtan symbol.

The Web

"The Web" is an extensive and carefully organized archive of all the deception spread by Yajit members. Each member is required to record what they say to potential threats, everyday and submit it once a week to the Great Chapel, where appointed archivist organize what has been said by the Yajit. It is essential that the archive is checked frequent by the members, so they know what things have already been said recently or what hasn't been said in a while. This makes it so nothing is ever repeated too much, to the point where enemies won't catch on too easily.

The Risks

Being part of the Yajit is no easy task and shouldn't be taken lightly. It is advised that no weak willed join the party. There have been a few incidents where some members were not able to differentiate from the lies they have told to actual reality and get them mixed up so much, they forget whats really true in their lives and live in a constant state of confusion. It takes a healthy, calm, and organized mind to be part of the Yajit so that nothing like that ever happens.

Current Operations

-With the Ruadh'Losh Reclamation War on the horizon, the trade routes between Endran and the Ruadh are essential to making sure the Ruadh army has enough supplies. The Yajit now are in close ties with General Roch'Tym, who oversees the trade routes. The Yajit deter the Delhangites from getting close to them and so far have been doing an excellent job doing so.

-Tanit Meer will be traveling to meet up with Ambassador Ineth'Morr to discuss new tactics on how to take care of the Delhangites.


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